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But someone pushed a moderately wealthy year-old widow down her basement stairs, and then tried to make it look like an accident.

Neal Sanders Book List - FictionDB

Two people will work - together and independently - to find the murderer. John Flynn, a retired Boston Police Department detective with an outstanding record, will lead the official investigation. He will solve the murder despite the best efforts of Hardington's police chief, who cannot abide the idea of a murderer on the loose in his bucolic town and so who arrests the first likely suspect. Liz Phillips has a life centered on her garden and her garden club. Sally Kahn was one of her best friends and it is Liz who found the body.

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But Liz is a lonely woman, her daughter married and living far away, and her husband constantly on the road. Liz will help solve the murder by using intuition, asking questions, and knowing her town. Their quest to find Sally Kahn's killer will lead Liz Phillips and Detective John Flynn into an unfamiliar world of email inboxes and wireless Internet routers, hazardous waste disposal and the economics of tearing down houses to build 'McMansions'.

Their search will also take them through an emotional landscape of adultery and the simmering resentment between 'townies' and the new-money affluent. Read more Read less. About the Author Before returning to writing, Neal Sanders spent 35 years as a senior executive in high technology. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. March 23, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Neil Sanders is a local author who incorporates the art work of a local illustrator, Lynne Schulte, in his books.

Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club meeting

A Murder in the Garden Club is one such book. Sanders writes of a small suburban town outside the City of Boston. During the boom of larger and larger homes taking over once-revered older homes, the town of Hardington is an example of the rising and falling of the American economy. In the eighties, McMansions of all styles were appearing on former farmland pastures, with little more than an acre to spare, placing oversized colonials shoulder to shoulder with Southwestern red-tiled roofs shadowed by tall European Tudors. And when the economy slid downward, and tastes became less eclectic, those houses stayed on the buyer's market for long inactive months.

Still, in towns like Hardington, volunteer groups made up of a population of well-funded women with time to spare, dedicated to beautification of their town's intersections and open spaces, continued to advocate for reasonable growth and attractive settings. One such group, the Hardington Garden Club, conducted monthly meetings where assigned tasks such as watering the highway exits' bouquets of blooms often involving lugging heavy containers of water to such isolated sites and shopping for, planting, weeding and deadheading those chosen areas were often at the top of the agenda.

When a prominent, retired school teacher and long-time member of the Garden Club is found dead at her home, an apparent accidental death presumably caused by her little dog Chipper, her quarrels with a contractor building another McMansion next door, and her irritation and outbursts of anger toward a cement manufacturing plant in town whose trucks are tearing up the roads and spilling noxious liquids on the roadside gardens, begin to raise speculation that this was not an accidental death. Liz is her friend, and co-gardener, and wants to learn the truth of Sally's death.

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She begins reluctantly, and then enthusiastically, working with the recently-hired detective in town. John Flynn took early retirement from the City of Boston Police Department, and is finding his new job in Hardington quite different from the well-provisioned and connected resources available in Suffolk County Boston. Here in Hardington, with a small town Chief of Police whose name is the source of the town's own name, where murder doesn't happen more than one in a decade, if that often, things are done slowly, calmly, so as not to upset the citizens.

His frustration with that is complicated further by his own marital stresses, and he begins to see Liz as more than just a helpful local volunteer. Liz's own marriage is depicted as happier, but lonelier, as her husband is often on the road, in other states, saving companies which have been hit hard by the economy. Her own child is grown and gone, and she is left alone to care for her extensive gardens and larger-than-now-necessary home. Flowers and wedding bouquets were also on display at the festival.

Staff donned wedding outfits, some individual, some from charity shops.

Garden club and wedding festival at Trewartha

Tiara wearing was very popular as were veils. The gents looked dapper in their suits and some even managed to wear flowers in their lapels and the odd top hat too.

A lot of fun was had by all that afternoon and a delicious strawberry and cream wedding cake, champagne jelly and prosecco toast were particularly enjoyed by everybody! Toggle navigation.