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Seduced by my Billionaire Bosses Bundle 3: Taking Control (DP Menage Workplace Erotica)

Utterly enchanting. We mentioned Ummagma in passing a missive or two ago, a dream pop duo — Alex and Shauna be their names — who in recent times have come up on the radar of a certain Robin Guthrie no less. Fools that we are, blame it on a year peppered with so many killer tracks, one single that we forgot to mention when going through the brief list of highlights is the current honey from the Deadline Shakes.

Not strictly a Christmas release, in fact it has no connection to Christmas at all, included in this particular festive soiree mainly because we mentioned his hidden shoal activities earlier on in this despatch. To redress the balance and in someway seeking to reconnect to his roots he returned to Sicily discovered he had a long and rich Italian lineage and that his name was in fact DiBenedetto hence the title of this set.

Just out, the debut single from the hotly tipped Northumberland based quintet Jubilee Courts. Phil O opts to strip matters right back to the bone on his womb step mix, monochrome beats, sparsely clipped samples and moments of frazzled kookiness give this mix an oddly dislocated aura as though it had been put on a hot setting in the frank wobbly and sons tumble dryer. Salvation Bill goes all woozy and dreamy in a fried Panda Bear way for his recalibration while the clapping hand mix relocates things to a lushly heave like chill tipped cavernous cool.

Its left to the parting TCH remix to turn in the best of the mixes applying something of hymnal glow to the proceedings the kind of which elicits warm fuzzy feeling all around and with that perfect for the seasonal tidings. The release is completed by the inclusion of a 56 page hard backed book packed with rare photos, memorabilia and interviews with John Cale and Lou Reed from earlier this year conducted by David Fricke.

As though intent on antagonising and testing the listeners patience, its darkness for the time must have been choking to the would be listener expecting a second helping of VU and Nico, raw and blooded upon a back to basics template it was a close to home reflection of their lives, their neighbourhood and their very existence.

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  • That said main event here, well for us, is the complete recording of the Gymnasium gig. Responsible for causing mild heart flutters in our listening space, we happened across Essaie Pas via band camp during a restless night unable to sleep and desperately in need of hearing something new. A duo residing in Quebec, the only clues here being he plays everything and she plays everything and sings.

    We say ominous because for over a decade now these tykes have baffled public consensus, refusing easy pigeon holing and clearly on a mission to at once deviously delight, frustrate, perplex and indeed piss off all those easy listening folk who prefer their sounds regimentally set out in an easy to follow verse chorus verse formation. Last featured here — I believe — following a much loved release on the much missed pickled egg imprint — blimey has it been that long.

    With its cut ups, samples and manic pop merryisms this cute thing had us fondly remembering the Cuban Boys — remember them eh — anyway this digital darling is the last Elefant records release of the year. Fancy more pod cast mayhem, lifted from the formidable garage punk hideout — shout bamalama gets jiggy with a bulging sack worth of bad boogie — among the treats the moon glows, mabel scott, darlene love, s, Arthur lyman and more…… www. In short two minutes of impish android candy pop festooned in kooky chorus baubles and a distractively catchy hook so infectious they ought to provide jabs.

    Incidentally the song is accompanied by the cutest of animated videos directed by Ambar Navarro. For now though their forthcoming aural attraction. An early bench mark setter for by our reckoning. Those of you missing your Christmas disturbia will be happy to hear that after a period of hibernation Scouse imps Windmill Mothglue have awoken.

    Consider yourself warned. Much cheer has been afforded and spent in that time transfixed to the sounds emanating from the turntable from said offering that its made the seasonal experience a tad more palatable. As traditional as turkey this limited release was originally given out free to friends, fans and admirers of Yellow6, demand and repute grew such that it became an official release in recent years.

    This year though word came that the 15th annual soiree nearly never happened. We certainly hope not, long admired here, Mr Atwood is one of this nations foremost sound alchemists whose expansive canvas to date has journeyed at turn into the drone, minimalist post rock, space rock, dream pop and ambient outposts, equally adept at crafting the grand and panoramic as he is the lulled and spectral, his craft is both intimate and porcelain in design.

    Like the seasonal servings from yellow6 another one time traditional listening experience was the tuning in to the legendary Festive 50 hosted by the much missed John Peel — often dominated by entries from the Wedding Present and the Fall, the chart acted as a barometer to what was relevant on the outsider pop radar — chart listings are noted via www. While a quick rummage around on mix cloud has an endless repository of archive show recordings — one of which we were listening to uploaded by someone calling himself the tanglydad was an entire broadcast from September featuring all manners of Angelic upstarts, jimmy pursey, ub40, cockney rejects et al via www.

    e-book Playing the Sexy Secretary: Seduced by my Billionaire Bosses (Menage DP Workplace Erotica)

    In recent years — well since the chart has been compiled and aired by Dandelion Radio — a radio station set up with the aim of keeping the Peel spirit alive. This years chart is scheduled to broadcast on Christmas day — go to www. Nearly forgot this one in all the hullabaloo, mentioned in passing a while back, festive single from the on the rise ultrasound. The result a glorious coalescence of familiar folk rituals from a lost age impacting in celebratory harmony upon an emotionally stirring psych prog dialect to leave you in the wake of its visitation drained and just a tad bit in awe.

    Scarcely a dry in the house. And talking of maps and diagrams, there are at least two further Maps and Diagrams releases up for critical consideration next missive out. Absolutely no information on this, even the press release is mischievously guarded about matters briefly suggesting that Mr Martin breaks away from his usual joyful ambient electronica to voyage into worlds considerably darker and more of out of character. Or at least words to that effect. But darker. I suggest not. A star lit symphony showered in murmuring mirages and silken snow bursts all forlornly sighing in the cosmic heavens embarking on a journey into tangerine dream territories.

    Rummaging through an old hard drive we unearthed three Xmas related missives originally posted via the now sadly defunct Losing Today website. These two extended seasonal soirees date back to Christmas The bumper missives where as I recall a regular end of year waltz through whatever Christmas gubbins happened to be terrorising our turntable at the time.

    Singled out ran to some missives accounting for over ten years material extending to over 2 million words — I kid you not. Some have been salvaged, some are locked on crashed drives but the majority alas gone forever since losing today pulled its web site.

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    Criminally brief it may be standing tall at only 1. Does it for us. Think we may have mentioned a few essential pod casting ear gear from Garagepunk in the previous part of this bumper missive, well it seems these dudes have uploaded a few more rumbling slabs of garage styled Christmas cheer — Florida Rocks Again 33 is a bursting with holiday festivities featuring selected cuts from the likes of the Tropics, Bellamy Brothers, something pretty smart from the Goods, Floyd Miles, Sam Moore and Tom Petty.

    Well tasty if you ask me. Anyhow it seems Mr Setzer has managed to cut himself a niche on the swing circuit racking up a Thunderbird boot full of awards along the way. In addition to the entire concert the special features includes some rare behind the scenes footage of the writing and preparation of the show, back stage diaries along with interviews with band members and fans alike.

    Monster Factory: Fallout 4 — Episode 1

    The ultimate holiday record anyone? Somehow this Steve Gullick led four piece have so far escaped our usually attentive ear lobes, come to think of it its been a fair old while since we heard anything by his other interest Bender. Definitely need to here more. Staying with the Maps advent calendar day 9 sees the appearance of an exclusive cut from psych goth overlords the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. Well smart. Cherryade like fellow punk indie foot soldiers Filthy Little Angels have seized upon and taken the whole DIY ethic as their own and along the way time and time again have proven to possess an acutely unerring ability to unearth gems from straight under the noses of labels undeservedly tagged as the shakers and movers on the musical scene by certain magazines.

    Now up to its fourth seasonal Christmas box Cherryade round off what has been a superb year of releases that has seen outings for the likes of the Deirdries, the Kabeedies, the aforementioned Lovely Eggs and Ste McCabe with this spiffing amply portioned 18 track seasonal set of emerging soon to be household named talent. This tenderly tingling dash of tastiness embraces all manner of west coast accents and heart hugging fondness to smother your listening space in a shimmer like twinkling honeycombed homeliness whose sole purpose it seems is to arrest your psyche with a beautifully radiating fuzzy glow — does it for us.

    Head out to their MS page at www. A bit of a peach in our book easily deserving filing away next to those early Belle and Sebastian aural adventures. For now though this rather boisterous slab of wiring crookedness sees them detuning into the pockets of pop cosmos more commonly occupied by a seriously scatty Devo fused with Winter brief — goes without saying you need it in your life.

    All in all a bloody essential collection guaranteed to give you thrills for many a Christmas to come. Gonna open this with a simple question. Why did my NME fade so badly? So where is the NME going wrong. The XMAS issue says it all really. I personally stopped buying the NME earlier this year, I felt that if I needed a weekly fix then the Guardian, the Independent and the Times more than adequately satiated my needs with their Friday supplements.

    It was of course a bind, how do you break a habit extending 30 years plus, it was like the buying of fags — you did it without thinking. Well the cycle was broken the fags are next as said earlier this year. It had become a side show, a cover to cover browse picking out the bits of interest to me where withering at a weekly rate, where once it would consume the time of a bus ride to work 10 minutes in recent times it was barely getting me through two stops.