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There are no paleo doctors here and my endocrinologist loves that I eat this way and recommends me to continue. I tried to decrease my hydrocort myself and had and adrenal crisis, landing myself in hospital. There is good news! YES, it is highly likely that you will be able to discontinue taking at least some of these meds! The steroids should only be used for a short time — due to side effects, etc. Healing is the important first step to get you off the meds — prioritize recovery.

Eat well, sleep lots, be smart about exercise and minimize stress. There is hope!! I would guess that any adrenal or thyroid hormones that you are no longer producing due to the autoimmunity MAY need to stick around even once all your ducks are in a row, so to speak. I would not mess with your hydrocort or synthroid at all on your own. This is a hard one for people to grasp sometimes.

Thank you so much for your input. Finding the balance in nutrition, work, rest, play, sleep is tricky and your recommendations are spot on. Would you have any suggestions for recovery? I found I was crashing on Mondays and Wednesdays and, bingo, those are my treatment days. It makes sense when I sit down and think about it—what are your thoughts?

I truly appreciate you sharing your experience coming through these issues. I definitely have a new respect for my limits after reading your article. I worked out today and instead of doing all my errands afterwards I took a nap and feel shockingly great. Thank you SO much, Diane. I appreciate your detailed article and responding so quickly. Your response has made me feel better. Thank you. I workout at my CrossFit box at 6am, four times a week.

All other life aspects such as food, job and sleep are in check. Are there any proven ways in limiting the impact of adrenal fatigue due to morning workouts? I have recently been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, my dhea and estrogen levels are in the dirt, a myriad of food allergies via an antibody test, and something is wrong with my fatty acid metabolism. Over the last 2 years I went from running marathons and 50ks to not being able to run. I have put on quite a bit of weight, serious fatigue, digestive issues, migrains, and the list goes on.

As I look back, I have been dealing with a lot of these issues since I was very young. They took my gall bladder out when I was 14 and diagnosed me with narcolepsy around the same time. No, I have not lost weight yet, but I am no longer gaining. My skin is not clearing up yet, but I am no longer wondering if I can make it to the bathroom on time, migrains are few and far between, my nails are no longer peeling, my hair is starting to shine a little and is not so brittle, and my sex drive is returning yay for my husband! Shannon, have you looked into mercury toxicity?

They are often advertised as mercury chelators but their chemical bonds are too weak to hold the mercury and will drop it anywhere else causing more damage. So your saying if one has any mercury fillings they should not glutathione?? Or do you mean to limit the amounts? Is there a gentle way to get the mercury out? This is a really good article about adrenal fatigue and how the adrenal stress response can overstrain your adrenals into burnout. Also environmental toxins such as toxic heavy metals can also cause stress that leads to adrenal burnout, especially Copper a powerful adrenal stimulant found in coffee and chocolate.

The Sodium and Potassium levels, and the ratio to one another 2. I would also like to add that using adrenal stimulants such as Vitamin C, Pantothenic acid, ginseng, licorice, and ashwaghanda may actually worsen many people with adrenal burnout since rest and SLEEP are the primary healers of adrenal fatigue.

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I would also recommend a gentle form of Liver cleansing of toxins and internal stressors that block normal enzyme acitivity which can block hormone function at the cellular level. This should be done under the supervision of a professional health provider as liver detoxification can also worsen adrenal fatigue if done too strongly. Thanks for the comment. But what happens if one is low in B12 for instance??

Ya know? I tend to use a similar product to the Ortho Adapt but just from a different company, Designs For Health- called Adrenal Complex- same kind of blend. She said it could possibly lead to some nasty side effects — facial hair and the inability of my adrenals to work on their own. So, this doc thinks the thousands of folks using Armor pig thyroid and Naturthroid pig thyroid and Canadian Erfa Thyroid pig thyroid are all growing beards?!?!

And wow, I came SO far back toward recovered! What a difference! When I first tried to wean off the hydocortisone, I failed. After a further six months or so, I was able to titrate down and finally get off it. Please, let me recommend the website Stop the Thyroid Madness. Janie Bowthorpe has put together an amazing resource. I am not affiliated in any way — except she and the folks on STTM saved my life! Hi Elenor, I read with interest your comments here and would love to have a chat.

What you said rang some bells. Am currently in the throes of it. I havelng suspected I have low thyroid but TSH always tests normal range. I realize this post is a couple of years old but if you still hang out here please let me know. How are you doing now? Hope you are blessed with renewed vitality — my prayer for myself. No one understands this level of tired except someone who has fallen so far down the energetic scale you need a pair of stilts to walk under a garden hose.

DGL removes Glycyrrhiza which is the active constituent that inhibits cortisol degradation. Can you explain this is more detail? DGL is de-glycyrrhizinated licorice. Glycyrrhizin is the stuff that makes your blood pressure go up. If you want the adrenal support, you need the glycyrrhizin which you can get in pretty much any licorice tea or licorice root capsule. I wonder how much of a role sexual activity plays in adrenal fatigue. Over a period of 20 years I have observed a worsening of flu-like symptoms after sex, at one point even wondering if I could possibly be allergic to something about my wife.

Based purely on personal observation, if I am struggling with fatigue, sex will put me over the edge. Virtually any sexual activity in the afternoon will do the same. Anybody else notice this? I suggest going to Dr. I have experienced what you describe-an awful feeling upon orgasm, especially in afternoon.

I believe that Cortisol levels are lowest around 4pm. See Dr. Great article, i have been meaning to brush up on my adrenal fatigue info so thank you!

My question is on Holy Basil. Can you give some general info on holy basil and what kind of use you would recommend, if at all? Im 22, i do cross fit times a week, eat strict paleo, and i also take natural calm before bed. Thanks for this article and for any help you might offer! Hi Diane — Thank you for this excellent explanation. After years of tremendous stress involving the illness and death of my parents, about 3 years ago I started to eat Paleo, exercise and meditate.

I also take a natural estrogen-progesterone supplement called Phyto-B which has mercifully eliminated the hot flashes. Other supplements are fish oil, Vit. My problem is that I wake up every morning with a racing heartbeat. I often wake up in the middle of the night, still physically tired but unable to go back to sleep. My pulse rate is normal. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning. Anything I might try before I call to the doctor? Hi there. In respons to you symptoms. Please visit this website it has been my saviour the past few weeks. I wake up with heart racing from anxiety and have my third week on the diet, my anxiety levels have dropped increasingly, and my adrenal symptoms are slowly going back to normal as well….

I love the article and am working on getting adrenaline fatigue under control. This is very important for people to understand. I see so many people start out in a gym that probably have adrenaline fatigue and they are in the gym for hours on end which sets them up for failure because they drain the body even mroe. I still have terrible hypoglycemia, and have gained 15lbs in the last 3 years.

I found that eating before bed really helps my sleep. I used to wake up around am hungry with adrenaline pumping! Any advice to help lose weight with this issue? I rested for a while and can train fine now.. I went to my doctor the other day and he said my adrenals were the best he has seen in a while, but I still had some mild fatigue.

I lift weights about five days a week now.. So my overall complaint is that I think I am producing too much cortisol. I have a pretty clean diet.. Instead of lifting for an hour.. Thanks alot. I really appreciate your time. Respectfully, John Dorian. Also, I forgot to mention. Would I benefit from any supplementation? Respectfully John Dorian. When I worked as a nutritional therapist a few years back I was referred a number of people who seemed to suffering with adrenal burnout.

The big giveaway for me was them falling asleep like a log, then waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep; when the adrenals have had a bit of recovery and start dumping adrenaline into the bloodstream again. This was my experience.. I have the typical symptoms of low cortisol at night.. Have you worked with a functional med cod to look at this?

Yes, Seriphos lowers cortisol. After my ASI, the results suggested taking Seriphos two hours prior to high cortisol levels. For me that was about pm. It made a huge difference in my sleep patterns. Great advice everyone. One thing that really helped me was taking 2,, mg of vitamin C.

Good article! That seems like a really low number for someone training a lot. Great article! The author also devotes a lot of time to lifestyle and diet changes to help restore balance. What emperical evidence exists to prove the condition is genuine? I know someone with adrenal fatigue and they have had an incredibly tough time getting any help from doctors and even specialists. Doctors have no advise other than taking more steroids, which doctors also acknowledge can destroy endocrine balance.

Very frustrating. PS- this has a lot to do with insurance billing. Until a condition is given a billing code diagnosis , you are not going to be taken seriously. Well, mostly; not done yet but about a million miles closer than I was! There are so many things you can do — as shown in this excellent entry. And I had no insurance and had to scape up money for the tests and occasional doc visits. In most U. I do nearly zero conditioning, mostly powerlifting, with a small amt of weightifting. I am following a modified Texas Method program 1 day intensity, 1 day volume, 1 day light with squat and press.

In your opinion, would continuing training hamper my recovery? I generally train in afternoons. Should I switch to AM in hopes of bumping up some much needed cortisol? Post training I feel very good, and uplifted. And I have made your bone broth every week for over a year, I think since you posted it last April! Crucial to healing my gut thanks xoxoxo. I have, literally, been at the edge of death for years with what I always knew was an adrenal problem.

I inherited weak adrenals from a dying mother; I had a childhood of, I now know, adrenal-related problems. Then, after the late-in-my-life birth of my daughter I went into a rapid downward spiral marked by rising food intolerances, headaches and fatigue like none I can describe, followed by an almost endless struggle against a duodenal ulcer. That was 3 years ago and I continue to struggle as practitioners look for a pathology, an infection, when I am convinced that my problem is absolute and complete adrenal exhaustion. I firmly believe I have this problem, but cannot afford a ND or anyone like that.

I just picked up some 5-HTP hopefully to help with the depression, anxiety, and lack of sleep. I am so burnt out and tired of this. I would like to try that L-theanine mentioned above. But just forked out money for 5-HTP…. So tired of this.. Start eating a paleo diet!!

Cut the grains, gluten, dairy, soy, etc. First, I was wondering why jiaogulan rarely makes the adrenal recovery herbal list? It is a great non-stimulaing adaptogen. Second, I did a low-carb paleo-type diet and felt better than I ever had in my life. But, the extra fat raised my estrogen levels and caused my breast imaging results to change. I lowered the fat and added back in some grains and legumes- imaging looks stable again, but I feel lousy.

How can I have lower fat, lower carb, and still be healthy? The only carbs that I feel good with is a couple of fruit servings a day and good Greek yogurt. Have been diagnosed with addisons 13 years ago ,need some advice on diet ,suffering from severe indigestion and muscle loss. Yoga has personally helped me a lot. Gluten sensitivity is something to be seriously considered by anyone having digestive tract issues or malabsorption issues.

It sucks to feel lousy but somehow its a bit better knowing others are going through the same, or worse, issues. She prescribed Isocort which I took faithfully for 7 months. Gluten and eggs turned up as allergens on a blood test and although dairy showed up as fine, I began to feel nauseous after drinking cream in my coffee. Hence my internet search and discovery of this thread. Anyway, I will keep watching this thread and pondering a switch to complete paleo. Great article…very interesting and helpful for me to understand to complexity of this diagnosis.

Love the comprehensiveness of the info. Maybe you meant hypothalamus? Thanks again for this valuable info! Hi Great info! My Dheas ha been high for over a year but has come down quite a bit. Have low progesterone and am on cream for few months so far. Tend to feel exhausted during day and have energy after 6pm. Cortisol is now normalized. It was high throughout day.

How can I get sleep? I sleep maybe an hour or so a week. I feel tired and wired. If sleep heals adrenals how can I get sleep? I have autoimmune and it makes it affects my sleep as well. I can also relate to the wire and tired feeling. This is the best short explanation of it. Thank you for this article. A while ago I started researching and found out my health problems could be adrenal or cortisol related and everything started making sense. I have a question about L-theanine. Supposedly it reduces blood pressure, is that accurate? Thanks again. I have another layer to add to this discussion in regard to how autoimmune and hormone levels can be involved in this as well.

I have a question. I have adrenal issues and symptoms of an imbalance in my adreanl, pituitary, hippocampus axis. They make my sleep more disturbed and make me irritable. It gives me a 3 day headache. That pathway seems very sensitive in me.

Download e-book Diagnostic Testing for Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (Dr. Lams Adrenal Recovery Series)

Are there other ways I can get at these layers? I have not been diagnosed with an adrenal problem, but I am almost certain that is what I have been dealing with for nearly a year. So I stopped the dose at 60mg after a month and thought everything would be normal. I literally thought I was dying then I did some research and realized what had happened.

My family doctor and psychiatrist think its all in my head since my blood work was normal. I am only 18 years old. Anyway, I am curious, could taking adderall, and lamictal hinder my recovery? I was diagnosed ADHD and bipolar disorder years ago and my meds really help me stay stable. My next question is what are some natural sleeping aids? I take melatonin, vistiral, and over the counter sleeping aids each night, otherwise I cannot sleep and i still wake up in the middle of the night.

I realize this can be harmful to my body, so any natural solutions would be wonderful. I feel like i have adrenal fatigue. But one problem i checked plasma kortisol level which was 25 at the mourning. Is it too much for adrenal defficiency? As a simple solution to some adrenal fatigues i would suggest, before sleeping spend 5 minutes self massaging the tan den point 2 finger widths below the navel, just use some baby oil or just start massaging in a clockwise direction take it easy and then slightly increase pressure as you go.

Breath in through nose then out through the mouth in gradual way. I had to use my marketing skills in something! Any thoughts on why ginseng and ginkgo would make me sleepy? Adrenal Fatigue basically comes down to 1 Over-stressing the body while 2 Not allowing the body to heal. Matt Damon, the of Good Will Hunting fame, is the perfect example. For the role of a movie he dropped 40lbs by extreme dieting and extreme exercise. I am not sure how closely a Paleo diet and a Candida diet mirror but the candida diet really helped my digestive symptoms and evened out my energy levels.


I was extremely stressed ,was a lot of inner shakiness this has subsided. But I do have almost constant feelings of being woozy, lightheaded. And come evening, I become totally exhausted every night at about I do not allow myself to stay awake past My doctor says yes…. I trust her , just wanted to hear your thoughts. I have severe adrenal fatigue. So that is a plus but yet I still get aggravated very quickly, horrible moods and all….

Makes me sick. I go back and forth on my supplements as i can afford them. I want to be well. So any suggestions will be appreciated. Traci, I am 75 years old and adrenal fatigue has been a life long problem and I use 2 different sources of supplements. The best one is a company called,adrenalfatigue. Wilson wrote the book Adrenal Fatigue 21st. He only deals in supplements for adrenal fatigue. The web site has a lot of information that should help you.

The second company is Standard Process. This company has been in business forever. Their two adrenal products are Adrenal Desiccated and Drenamin. These two supplements have a lower cost than what you will find at Dr. I am not trying to be obscene by a couple of years ago after I lost my company and I was close giving up a doctor told me have sex as often as possible. Fortunatly my wife agreed. It was amazing. It relieved the stress better than any pill.

Traci you may actually have a more serious medical issue called adrenal insufficiency. I have it. You can have this tested with a cortisol stim test. You may also have possible sleep apnea based on those symptoms it impacts blood pressure also. You can go natural to a point but there are cases when hormones bio-identical or not are needed. Good luck with your journey. I never understood that being that sex is natural, stress relieving, and flat out makes you feel better than when your not doing it. I can certainly understand holding off in common sense situations, or over masturbating, porn addictions, etc.

But if you are really going through a hard time, and need to take a week or two off ok. We are human after all.. Leave them to death? Help them die? What do you think? Does adrenal fatigue always mean weight gain?

I ask because I see it more often than not. If you have had low thyroid for a few years then there is a chance you could have furred up arteries due to the sluggish circulation a slow thyroid causes, so it might be wise to have a cardio check before taking a high fat diet. You could also take supplements to help keep the arteries supple and unblocked such as omega 3s. Garlic and spices also help the circulation. Spices also help boost metabolism albeit only temporarily.

Exercising and keeping fit is crucial for my general well-being. I try to visit gym regularly but sometimes my work makes me completely exhausted. What really helps is taking nutritional supplements. For me Military Grade Nutritionals work best. They quickly bring me up. I feel energized when I exercise and throughout the day. My cure? Cutting out gluten. All of my AF symptoms such as extreme fatigue, foggy brain, balance issues, low stress threshold, irritability are also symptoms of gluten intolerance!

I had no idea. Check out various celiac websites. All of sudden I was feeling good until I had a big bowl of wheat noodles one day. Three weeks has passed and I feel amazing. All symptoms gone. I got my life back!!!!! If even a handful of you suffering these challenging symptoms are secretly gluten intolerant, I urge everyone to try cutting it out of your diet for a month and seeing what happens. Will you try?

It sounds like you are gluten intolerant or allergic to gluten. And while avoiding gluten will most definitely be a positive, it is not the only change we need to make at this time in our lives. Our hormones change, our thyroids and adrenals are stressed and this can go on for 15 or more years! What we need is a medical community who are taught that we are not just crazy aging broods, that should all be on nasty synthetic thyroid meds and depression drugs!

Wow 7 months. Did your stomach hurt ever? This is homo toxicology medicine and biological medicine which came from germany and it has super fast wonderful results. Combined with Voll electroacupunture, neural therapy and Ozone therapy read Ed McCabe you get wonderful results in no time. We eat them all the time along with bananas.

But we eat seafood, meat and chicken too! On a side note chinese and japanese eat rice all the time but of course they eat meat and seafood too. If the adrenal glands are stressed the chances are you have low progesterone because progesterone is needed to manufacture cortisol. If your progesterone is too low then your oestrogen levels, while not necessarily higher than average are unopposed by progesterone, which is needed to balance the oestrogen, therefore oestrogen dominance results.

As licorice helps boost adrenal function and therefore progesterone levels it sounds a good supplement to take for oestrogen dominance. Another reason why licorice is good is that excess oestrogen burdens the liver and licorice helps repair an overloaded liver. Anyone ever heard of chronic cubical syndrome? Lets just take a massive list of random symptoms and blame it on Adrenal fatigue lol Why not just blame the whole human experience on it? If you change the name to Chronic Cubical Adrenal fatigue Syndrome maybe you will be able to convince more brain dead zombies with your lies lol.

Slight underactivity of the endocrine glands is difficult to diagnose with the limited tests that are available to most people e. A T4 test but not a reverse T3 test. They are also difficult to diagnose because they share some of the symptoms with other illnesses. Often finding out one or two facts at a time over a period of a few years and finding increasingly more pointers to an adrenal problem. The pharmaceutical lobby is very strong and medical associations are influenced into steering doctors towards diagnosing psychiatric disorders, or treating some of the superficial physical symptoms, not causes, through patented drugs and even then not effectively e.

Their adrenal glands are suppressing digestion, the lack of acid is causing food not to be broken down and various pathogens to pass into the intestines causing bloatedness and acid reflux from the pressure of the gas, causing doctors and intially the patients as well to think that they have a problem with excess acid. They may also be given medication to clot the blood although their thyroid problem makes them prone to clots and atherosclerosis, whereas blood-thinning painkillers like simple aspirin act better on the pain due to its reducing pelvic congestion and is less toxic to the liver than paracetamol or opiates.

If anyone is lying it is likely to be those medical bodies who suppress useful information and therefore treatment of the root causes of a collection of related symptoms which together can be disabling especially when the knock-on effect of non-treatment on other organs begins to kick in and eventually results in earlier mortality if the condition has never been treated correctly. Privately owned pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the early deaths and misery of many people with subtle and complicated conditions like endocrine disorders due to their pushing drugs for psychiatric disorders which is a lucrative trade and other drugs that treat the symptoms but not the cause, or not the root cause e.

You should get your message out there, as I am constantly disappointed in people believing doctors advise to be inherently true. No energy for gym in 6 months…though when I go away, I find I have more energy after good Accupuncture sessions. So reading your response reinforces my belief! Im sure this could be due to adrenal fatigue but wondering if anyone else had similar symptoms.

The first thing that caught my eye with the article was when i read about your experience of symptoms and your workout schedule. I was I had a pain in my xyphoid area and left side of chest which made me worry. Went in for check up, blood and ask to be referred to cardiologist. Cardiologist said stress test and everything was good. Total cholestrerol was high but said ratio was real good.

Wound up in ER that Frday since i could not tough it out any longer. CAT scan, MRi, blood etc fine. Had 3 doctors verify MRI findings. Once back, went to my family doc and he said all was good with blood except WBC was slightly elevated, total cholesterol was now Family doc referred me to Nuerologist.

I bought a tester and it was always fine during the couple months i tracked it. Since this ocurred i have went to get glasses since my vision seems to be blurry. SOmetimes its worse than others. After MRI etc.. Sometimes after a night out drinking on weekend id wake up fine, other times i felt bad. It seems that i couldnt put my finger on anything for sure. Usually i wake up and feel ok and by the time i get to work or on my way it starts coming on stronger.

Its like foggy head, lightheaded feeling. Its like when you have the flu the way your kinda foggy headed and just not there mentally and feel a little off but no aches, fever, room spinning sensation etc.. I have experimented with varying what i eat, vitamins and minerals, Sea salt etc.. Magnesium seemed to aleviate at first but think that may have been helping the anxiety side of it. I have decided to cut back on my runs to 3x per week and moderate lifting 3 separate days with one day off completely. Is this still too much?

Thanks for your time. Cortisol, epinephrine, norepi. Cortisol is actually somewhat relaxing and balances things a bit in normal situations. Put another way, if I am artificially raising my cortisol through coffee and exercise, would stopping for one day make it abnormally LOW relative to what the measurements would be after a week of abstaining?

Q3: If I follow my normal routine, how does one interpret results that are influenced by external inputs? I have been managing adrenal fatigue for years, diagnosed by a naturopath. And living on half the energy I had before year after year even after making positive changes that improve my quality of life but do not cure me—how is that not chronic fatigue? I guess, what is the difference? Is there such a thing as chronic adrenal fatigue? I want to qualify my comment about my naturopath taking the right tests: My other doctors adhering to western medicine take the traditional workups giving a shallow picture of my health.

And then they told me just to rest. The right tests helped me to address some sources of my fatigue with supplements, etc. Even some simple lifestyle suggestions such as laying down for 10min after a workout can help protect the adrenals rather than getting another coffee and racing off. Thanks for your nice article. I have been dealing with adrenal fatigue for years, couple of things helped me alot. First large doses of vitc with bioflavanoids mg a day. Second I like hymalin sea salt into my water , seems lots of athletes have this problem of not enough salt in their diet and end up with this fatigue.

This is a find from a eastern medical store. I was diagnosed via saliva testing 7 years ago. After years of living with a husband who had an abusive mental illness, working 50 hours a week, and raising 2 children basically on my own , my final straw was having a parent being diagnosed and passing with terminal cancer and I continued to finish grad school all the while. Looking back, I know I lived off of adrenaline for so many years until I probably had no more. Three doctors told me I had to get rid of something in my life I chose the abusive marriage , and then I began to take care of myself, grieve, sleep, and listen to my body.

I also take B12 shots. Sometimes we can not control the things that life throws our way. It truly is difficulty deal with. Thank you for writing such a thorough article! You will always need to look out for them after. Hang in there, educate yourself cause your docs will never know or care as much about YOUR body as you will! Well, there IS an end to our physical and mental resources.

Kalish and have seen a HUGE improvement in a matter of a couple of months, with a protocol of supplements and self care. I learned it the hard way. I eat a kind of paleo diet, but my digestion is always troubled it slows down or goes totally dead all the time. I do not eat sugar or anything with sugar I eat vegetables , fruit, starches, gluten, bread, dairy products — and still no weightloss.

How can you say for sure if you have Adrenal Fatigue? What is the best test to determine adrenal issues? Within a month of stepping my exercise up I also added training for a half marathon in to the mix my weight ballooned up 25lbs. I had a bunch of bizarre symptoms and was seriously depressed. I went to see my doc who brushed me off and tried to put me on the pill. I went to see a hormone specialist who found that I was now hypothyroid, low DHEA, low test, low progesterone.

After working w him and bio-identical hormones I felt better but my weight climbed to !!!! Without changing diet it eventually went Down to lbs where I am today. My DHEA is still low but cortisol has now come down. I love running and have been keeping it under 30mins. Any weight loss advice?

Please help! There is a typographic error in the article, on Licorice root extract DGL. These are 2 different products for 2 different problems. Very helpful information, thanks. This is a well thought out, broad selection of information. A study of Nutrition, and its effects on the body would help many doctors diagnose and treat their patients more effectively. It is 5 years later, that I am now understanding the gravity of Adrenal Fatigue. I am not on any medication. I am trying a diet of exercise, mild; raw fruits and vegetables, juiced every day; lots of rest and sleep; minimal stress exposure.

I take Calm, a Magnesium supplement and B My symptoms have improved. Thanks for this excellent article. I am sure this information has helped many people. If someone has adrenal fatigue than intermittent fasting is not good idea, I guess? So how long I should before I introduce IF? How long it takes depends on you and how much you overhaul your lifestyle and how bad the damage is. If and when all western medical Dr.

I am completely fed up with all of my doctors. My health, energy levels, ability to reap the benefits including enjoyment from my workouts, etc has just deteriorated steadily over the last 6 years. Excuse me? I work my tail off! Only to spend the better part of my day after a work out dying for sleep. I recently turned to acupuncture for a back injury — and of course, my acupuncturist noted the extreme imbalance within my body.

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I am wondering if there is any risk in acting as if I DO have adrenal fatigue in terms of treatment. But I have to do something. I know I am late to this thread — but I welcome any input. Really useful information, and I especially love the image for the HPA Axis — it does a really nice job of summarizing the basics. I thought the article was lacking slightly in detail on Adrenal Fatigue which is perfectly understandable for a 1-pager! Is it something to take daily long term or should one stop after weeks? Also, what is the lowest yet safest dose to take if I wanted to take it long term?

I know everyone is different but when the warnings talk about high doses and long term, what quantity do they mean? Are there any adverse reactions with medications such as Nexium or Klonopin? I learned a lot in your article. I am pretty stuck. I really would like to give weaning another go and have just read about rhodiola. I wondered if this would make things worse or help when trying to wean. My worst symptoms are that I become highly stressed and irrational after approx 1 week of attempting to reduce. I have adrenal fatigue and believe me I feel it daily. I feel horrible. I can not afford to go to the doctor at this time.

But he has me on all the above mentioned supplements. But again I can not afford to have them refilled I am not working due to depression. I really need to know what I can and can not eat. Please can you suggest something? I have thinking about going Paleo. Is that the right thing for me to do? I really need to start feeling healthy again and get this weight off. They include:. There are strong interlinked relationships between the ovarian, adrenal, and thyroid systems in women. These three organs are intimately co-dependent on each other for optimal function. Balancing the OAT axis is important if a woman wants to feel good.

For example, if thyroid medication is administered, it is not uncommon to see concurrent menstrual irregularities, a function of ovarian hormones, reduced ability to deal with stress may also occur, a function of the adrenals. Let us look more closely at the reason. In Adrenal Fatigue, internal cortisol often creates a condition of multiple organ resistance. This can include the thyroid and ovaries.

First, let us look at the Thyroid. Thyroid tissues fail to respond as efficiently to the hormonal signal. Adrenal Fatigue is often accompanied by clinical or sub-clinical hypothyroidism. Laboratory values can be normal but classical signs of hypothyroidism may be present. Physicians and patients alike are often confused. Anti-depressants are often prescribed as a solution. However, this seldom works and instead often makes the condition worse. A cortisol induced organ resistance applies to nearly all other hor- mone regulated organs.

Few hormones work at optimal levels in the presence of Adrenal Fatigue. A multitude of hormones including insulin, progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone become affected. The normal negative feedback loop in place can be disrupted. The ability of each hormone to regulate and fine tune its target organ is often compromised. Blood pressure can become erratic, blood sugar levels may experience wide swings, bipolar and anxiety states come at will, and menstrual flow can become irregular.

Even the brain may become less sensitive to estrogen. Let us now look at how the ovarian system is affected in particular. Many women often exhaust their adrenal glands by the time they reach their mid-thirties or early forties. This is due to a stressful life- style. The adrenal glands help to regulate stress. In early stages of Adrenal Fatigue, cortisol output is high as the body attempts to neu- tralize the stress. But, when too much cortisol is produced, it will have many undesirable effects.

For example, cortisol blocks proges- terone receptors, making them less responsive to progesterone. Pro- gesterone normally produced by the adrenals comes to a halt in favor of cortisol. Insufficient progesterone production leads to an imbalance of estrogen to progesterone. With reduced progesterone to offset estrogen, the body may experience a host of undesirable side effects. This leads to a condition known as estrogen dominance, a state of excess estrogen in the body. It is no coincidence that we see a proliferation of conditions associated with excessive estrogen such as PMS, fibroids, and pre-menopausal syndrome when women reach their mid-thirties and early forties.

It is interesting to note that most post-menopausal women who are experiencing hair loss have an adrenal problem. Hair loss is a sign of excessive androgens. Some women produce too much andros- tenedione, which then gets converted into estrone and testosterone. Testosterone in turn is converted into DHT. DHT is the more potent form of testosterone responsible for excessive hair loss. Estriol can be given to offset the testosterone effects as estrogen balances testos- terone in the body.

Cortisol can be considered when closely supervised and used for a short period of time. It keeps the adrenal glands from getting stuck in the androgen part of the stress cycle if indeed it is in that state. Corti- sol also complements the use of progesterone as well. The effective cocktail therefore consists of estriol, cortisol and progesterone. Each of these hormones, especially cortisol, has their own side-effects. Knowing what to use and when to use is critical, or hair loss could worsen. Any serious attempt to normalize this axis should consider adrenal recovery as the first step.

Adrenal normalization should precede hormone modulation. The adrenal glands deal with the daily stresses of life. A woman must normalize her adrenal glands to have a total body hormonal balance. Replacing deficient hormones alone without addressing the health of the adrenal gland is a band-aid approach. It is often ineffective in the long run. The normalization process can begin with investigating and eliminating stressors.

Stressors are often chronic in nature. They can be related to lifestyle, dietary, mental, and inflammatory causes. Women with heavy men- strual bleeding and adrenal exhaustion can normalize their adrenal function with natural compounds. Only consider Exogenous cortisol replacement as a last resort because of its long term negative effects. Antidepressants, thyroid replacements, and ovarian hormones can often make women with OAT axis imbalance worse.

Estrogen replacement often becomes ineffective, and symptoms of estrogen dominance like hot flashes, weight gain at the hips, water retention, and moodiness are observed despite normal estrogen levels.

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  4. Patients become frustrated as it seems that nothing can help and a downward spiral of symptoms surface. Failing conventional therapy, many turn to natural compounds. It is not unusual to see many people take a full battery of these nutrients. In the beginning, this might be helpful. Unfortunately, a shotgun approach by taking many nutrients seldom works and often backfires with time. The higher the dose the worse the patient can become. That is why chronic stress and Adrenal Fatigue can make one feel so rotten, like a slow-motion train wreck in progress.

    They are caught in a vicious downward cycle of deteriorating physical and emotional functions. Adrenal Fatigue can be reversed. You may need to allow 6 months to 2 years for the recovery process to take place. These are some of the important steps. This is the most important step. It is important to deal with stressors such as marital, family, relationship or financial problems. It is important to go to sleep by 10 p. This puts tremendous stress on the adren- als. When we rest early, our adrenals are rested. Between 10 p.

    We should also try to sleep in until a. This is because our cortisol level rises to its peak from a. In later stage Adrenal Fatigue, the level of cortisol falls and we feel tired. It will be more difficult to wake up. If we wake up too early, this will only increase stress on the adrenal glands, which will have to produce more cortisol. A good night sleep is thus mandatory. Without a good sleep, our bod- ies cannot regenerate itself to deal with stressors the next day. We should also rest in a completely dark room to maximize melatonin production.

    If you are unable to fall asleep, take oral melatonin 0. You may begin with a low dose 0. If you start with 3 mg, the common over-the-counter dose and find it not helpful, go to a lower dose instead. The right dosage varies from person to person. If you have a tendency to wake up at 2 to 3 a. In this case, you may wish to consider a time-release melatonin.

    Try other sleep aids such as 5-hydroxytryptophan 5-HTP mg, adrenal extracts, and trace mineral tablets. Another wonderful relaxant and sleep aid is magnesium.

    Fundamentals of Adrenal Fatigue - Oasis of Hope

    Coffee and tea can act as stimulants and interrupt sleep pattern. Herbal tea is okay because it does not contain caffeine. Some people may be photosensitive. Watching television or working at the computer may prevent melatonin levels from rising to induce sleep. Turn off your television or computer by 8 p. This is a wonderful stress reducer and a tremendous oxygenator. Exercise reduces depression, increases blood flow, normalizes level of cortisol, insulin, blood glucose, growth hormones, thyroid, and makes you feel generally much better.

    Exercise is a key component to adrenal recovery if done right. The key is to adjust the level of exercise in accordance to your capacity and do the proper amount at the right time. Over-exercise is a trig- ger for adrenal crash. More is not necessary better when it comes to exercise and Adrenal Fatigue. The more advanced your Adrenal Fatigue, the less you should exercise vigorously. Vigorous exercise can lead to a catabolic state and worsen Adrenal Fatigue.

    Those with severe adrenal weakness should start with gentle adrenal breathing exercises. Progress to adrenal restorative exercises, then to special adrenal yoga exercise series. Exercises specially designed for adrenal recovery scale based on exercise capacity, adrenal function, and autonomic nervous system function.

    You should feel fresh after each exercise session. Allow adequate recovery time for the body to recuperate. Strength should return gradually with the right program. A catabolic state will slowly reverse. Do not proceed with exercise unless under professional supervision. Especially if you have Advanced Adrenal Fatigue. One of the dangers of self-guided Adrenal Fatigue recovery programs is the tendency to over-exercise once there is more energy. The proper amount of prescribed exercise varies from person to person in different stages of adrenal recovery. Those in Advanced Adrenal Fatigue may only be able to tolerate a 5 minute slow walk every other day.

    This may be all the body can tolerate. As Adrenal Fatigue improves, regular exercise can be incorporated. Reg- ular exercise should cover the following three categories:. In an adrenal recovery program, it is prudent to consider optimizing the adrenal gland functions. Vitamin C is one of the gentlest of all adrenal supporting nutrients. It is best to get take Vitamin C in ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate form.

    Those who have a sensitive gastric sys- tem should consider mineral ascorbates. A personalized combination of different forms of oral vitamin C often works better than a single form. The proper delivery system also plays a critical and significant role. Nutrients are good only to the degree they can be delivered to the cell. The right combination of delivery systems is critical. These include liposomal, powdered, and capsulated.

    Glutathione by intravenous or by liposomal oral delivery to enhance the effectiveness and cellular bio-availability of vitamin C, E, alpha lipoic acid, and carnitine. Specifically, glutathione acts as a liver detoxifier. It helps recycle inactive oxidized vitamin C back to its reduced active form in the body after vitamin C has served its function. Most hormones in the adrenal gland need co-enzyme A for produc- tion. Co-enzyme A is a product of vitamin B5.

    It is involved in at least six different enzymatic reactions in the adrenal cascade. Adrenal glandular, adrenal extract and herbals such as ashwagandha root, licorice root, Korean Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, ginger root, and ginkgo leaf can be helpful for short term. They are widely promoted. Their effectiveness and adaptogenic properties may be better for those with mild Adrenal Fatigue. Those with moderate to advanced adrenal weakness should exercise extreme caution before using com- pounds. Adaptogenic compounds typically behave as stimulants when Adrenal Fatigue becomes more advanced.

    Stimulating the adrenals at a time when they need rest can be devastating. They may give a short term sense of well-being but may lead to with- drawal and dependency issues long term. Some of these compounds can trigger and adrenal crisis. Stimulating the adrenals is thus not the best long term solution. Providing the adrenals the gentle nutrients they need to recover on their own is by far the most effective approach over time. There are many tools available and these com- pounds are often not needed.

    Supplementing with steroids such as natural hydrocortisone or corti- sone acetate in doses of 2. The problem with this approach is that most people will find it hard to get off once their body is used to it. An ever-increasing dose is often needed with time as the body develops tolerance. It is best to undertake this only when supervised by a knowledgeable physician along with a defined goal.

    Otherwise it is best to wean off this drug as soon as possible. Younger people should avoid this approach unless it is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, there are many gentler and non-addictive natural com- pounds that help adrenal function. Under the hands of an experienced clinician, this approach is seldom necessary. Note that while many practitioners use synthetic or bio-identical hor- mones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone to modulate symp- toms of fatigue and hormonal imbalance, this approach should be taken with care as it may mask the underlying root cause and worsen the overall condition over time.

    Extra nutrients that may to consider include 10, to 25, I. U of beta-carotene, selenium mcg , magnesium mg , lysine gm , proline mg — 1gm , glutamine gm , DHEA mg, and pregnenolone mg, Ribose and co-factors 2,, mg, CoQ , mg, Type 1 and Type 3 collagen. It is important to understand that a shotgun approach by taking many nutrients at the same time seldom works and often back- fires over time.

    Each nutrient is like one bullet in the arsenal. Using the right bullet at the right time is critical. Improper selection, dosage and timing of nutritional supplemen- tation is the number one cause of recovery failure. Unless Adrenal Fatigue is in its mildest form, selecting the right compound, dos- age, delivery system to match the stage of Adrenal Fatigue is best left to the experienced clinician. Misguided by marketing and often misinformed, many sufferers take a whole battery of nutrients without careful consideration.

    This approach seldom works long term in the case of Adrenal Fatigue. In fact, the more advanced the condition, the more dangerous this approach. Even if some nutrients appear to work well at first, they may subsequently fail as the body developed tolerance and resistance. More is not necessarily better and may actually worsen the condition because improper administration may mask the under- lying condition, creating a sense of temporary which eventually fails. Most only need a few natural compounds to get better. The key is selecting the right ones.

    Proper clearance of metabolites is a major con- cern. The more advanced the fatigue, the less the body is able to breakdown metabolites out of the body after nutrients have served their function. This is called the low clearance state. Without proper clearance, the best nutrient can accumulate in the body and become toxic. There is no laboratory test available to measure this. Experi-enced clinicians use various qualitative challenges to determine the amount of reserve capacity and clearance the adrenal has. This is vital information before initiating any comprehensive nutritional program.

    Failure to do so is a common mistake and a major reason why many self-guided programs fail. Administer nutrients in the right dose in a graded and step-wise approach, with follow up evaluation by a qualified health care professional. Here are some other helpful tips. When our cortisol levels are at its peak from 6 a. This is because our bodies need sugar to run on. Even a small snack is better than nothing at all and will pro- vide the needed energy even though there is no urge to eat.

    Skipping breakfast is not a good idea. If you are low on sugar, the adrenals are instructed to secrete cortisol. It is therefore important to have a healthy breakfast soon after waking and no later than 10 a. The best time for lunch is from a. Cortisol levels dip between to p. Sometimes, a nutritious snack between to p. Evening meals should be around to p. Supper, if needed, should be in small quantities and low in glycemic.

    This will avoid the steep rise in blood sugar seen in high-glycemic index snacks such as cakes. These snacks will cause the blood sugar to rise and a corre- sponding increase in insulin output. Over time, insulin secretion becomes dysfunctional, resulting in a hypoglycemic state in the middle of the night. These symptoms include nightmares, anxiety, and night sweats. When this occurs, the body will have to activate the adrenals to put out more cortisol to raise the blood sugar back to its normal level.

    This will eventually put an excessive burden onto the already fatigued adrenal gland if carried on year after year. Glucose is a simple sugar found in food. After meals, food is digested in the stomach and is broken down into glu- cose and other nutrients. The glucose is absorbed by the intestinal cells and carried by the bloodstream to cells throughout the body. However, glucose cannot enter the cells alone. It needs help from insulin in order to penetrate the cell walls.

    Insulin therefore acts as a regulator of glucose transport and metabolism in the body. As glu- cose is transported from the blood into the cell for energy, blood sugar levels drop. As energy continues to be generated, the blood sugar level continues to drop. When it drops below a certain level, hunger is felt. This often occurs a few hours after a meal.

    This drop in blood sugar triggers the adrenals to make more cortisol. Cortisol increases the blood sugar by converting protein and fat into its com- ponent parts. With this, the blood sugar rises to provide a continuous supply of energy for our use between meals. Cortisol works hand in hand with insulin to provide a steady blood sugar level twenty-four hours a day. It helps keep blood glucose levels in a tightly controlled range. When the adrenal glands are weak, cortisol production drops below the normal level. Less sugar is available to the cells.

    With less sugar, less energy is available to the body, and fatigue sets in. As the sugar level drops below a critical point, dizziness and lightheadedness can occur. These are common symptoms of low blood sugar also called hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar is most likely experienced between meals at 10 a. The insulin is intended to move the sugar into the cell from the blood stream to create more energy. Insulin opens up the cell membrane to push the glucose in, resulting in a further reduction in blood glucose.

    This worsens the already existing hypoglycemic state. Those with Adrenal Fatigue often report symptoms such as dizziness and weakness. These symptoms arise as the blood sugar level drops below a comfortable level for the body to function normally. This causes the adrenal to put out more cortisol and gives the person a boost of energy. However, this hypoglycemic symptom relief only lasts for about one to two hours. Inevitably, it is followed by a crash to an even lower blood level. Those suffering from Adrenal Fatigue are constantly on a roller coaster ride in terms of their blood sugar level throughout the day.

    The sugar level tends to increase after each quick fix, but drops after a few hours. By the end of the day, the body is totally exhausted. A diet that maintains a constant sugar level in the blood is a critical consideration in Adrenal Fatigue recovery. This can be done by taking a variety of low-glycemic index food that releases sugar slowly to sustain the body during and between meals.

    Starchy carbo- hydrates that are converted quickly into glucose such as pasta and bread should be limited. Soda drinks should be avoided. The amount of salt in the body is highly dependent and regulated by a chemical called aldosterone. Aldosterone is manufactured in the adrenal cortex under the direction of another hormone called ACTH adrenocorticotrophic hormone. ACTH is produced by the anterior pituitary gland. ACTH stimulates the adrenal cortex to secrete a wide variety of hormones including aldosterone as well as cortisol.

    Like cortisol, aldosterone follows a diurnal pattern of secretion, peaking at 8 a. Aldosterone is a very specific compound that is responsible for maintaining the con- centration of sodium and potassium inside and outside the cell. This in turn has a direct effect on the amount of fluid in the body. Aldosterone thus plays a significant role in regulation of blood pressure. It is important to note that in our body, sodium and water goes hand in hand. Where sodium goes, water follows. As the concentration of aldosterone rises in the body, the concentration of sodium and water rises. More fluid is retained in the body, and blood pressure rises.

    Conversely, when the level of aldosterone lowers, the amount of sodium and water in the body is reduced. The blood pressure goes down. Unlike cortisol, aldosterone does not have its own negative feedback loop during excessive levels. If the aldosterone level is too high, aldosterone receptor sites will be down regulated. Sensitivity to aldosterone is then reduced. In the early phases of Adrenal Fatigue, the amount of cortisol and aldosterone increases in our body due to increase ACTH from stress. Your body retains sodium and water resulting in a bloated feeling and increased blood pressure.

    The baroreceptors receptors that are sensitive to pressure are trig- gered and blood vessels dilate. This is regulated by the autonomic nervous system. This auto-regulation helps to maintain a stable blood pressure at a time when the total fluid volume increases due to high levels of aldosterone triggered by stress. With stress, the adrenal glands also secrete another hormone called epinephrine. This hor- mone constricts the blood vessels and increases blood pressure in order to ensure that our brains have adequate blood flow and oxygen.

    The sum reaction of aldosterone, epinephrine, and the autonomic relaxation response are some of the key factors that decide the final blood pressure at any point. During the early stages of Adrenal Fatigue, the resulting blood pressure is often normal if all bodily functions are well balanced. If the body is unable to overcome the aldosterone and epinephrine response, then the blood pressure is elevated. It is common to find people under stress experience an increase in blood pressure. As Adrenal Fatigue progresses to more advanced stages, the amount of aldosterone production reduces. Sodium and water retention is compromised.

    As the fluid volume is reduced, low blood pressure ensues. Cells become dehydrated and sodium deficient. Hydration of a person in Adrenal Fatigue should take about twenty-four to forty-eight hours or more. Fluid with adequate electro- lytes should be administered two to four times a day in intermittent dosages. Coffee, alcohol, and tea except for herbal tea should be avoided. Most with Advanced Adrenal Fatigue report low blood pressure as well as a salt craving. The low blood pressure is due to the reduced fluid in the body. Salt craving is due to an absolute deficiency of sodium in the body.

    Both are due to the lack of aldosterone. To com- pensate for this, potassium leaks out of the cells so that the sodium to potassium ratio remains constant. The loss of potassium is less than that of sodium, and as a result, the potassium to sodium ratio is increased. This imbalance causes another set of problems. While lost fluids should be replaced, it has to be done carefully and slowly. When replacing fluid too quickly without adequate sodium, the amount of sodium in the body may be diluted.

    This results in an even lower sodium level. This is called dilutional hyponatremia. Symptoms of low sodium include non-specific symptoms of confusion, lethargy, nausea, headache, seizure, weakness, and restlessness. Adrenal Fatigue along with low sodium leads to a clinical picture that is challenging to all but the most experienced clinician. Those in this state may find themselves visiting the Emergency Room for many of these disturbing symptoms.

    They are often told that all is normal after extensive workup. In fact, those in Advanced Adrenal Fatigue may have electrolytes within normal range. Some may need diuretics to reduce fluid load while sodium load is being replaced. Symptoms may take some time to resolve. Sufferers of Advanced Adrenal Fatigue usually have a low cortisol and sodium level.

    They should take filtered drinking water with half to one teaspoon of salt on a regular basis. If blood pressure increases, or signs of edema occur and nausea develop, stop the salt and report to a qualified health practitioner. Only a small number of people with Adrenal Fatigue have concurrent high blood pressure. Those that fall into this category should check their blood pressure carefully during fluid replacement.

    Sea salt is better than table salt in that it contains additional trace minerals as well. A good fluid cocktail for Adrenal Fatigue suffers is vegetable juice diluted with water and sprinkled with sea salt and kelp powder. Kelp contains about 90 mg of potassium and over mg of sodium per serving and is easily absorbed. It is important for Adrenal Fatigue sufferers to balance the amount of protein and fat, as well as carbohydrates. As compared to a normal person, the Adrenal Fatigue person has an immediate need for sugar when hunger strikes. At the same time, they also need good protein as well as good fat to have sustained energy until the next meal comes.

    The primary diet should be high in raw food that is low in glycemic index. Avoid Fruit juices. Whole fruits should be limited, especially melons, which are high in sugar and cause sugar spikes soon after food enters the body. Good quality protein from meat, fish, and eggs are recommended. These provide a steady source of energy to carry the body through between meals. Vegetarians who have Adrenal Fatigue have a much bigger challenge. Legumes beans must be eaten with whole grains, seeds, or nuts to make a complete protein. It is important for vegetarians to add eggs and miso, as well as combining beans, seeds, and nuts with a small amount of whole grains.

    About fifty to sixty percent of the diet should consist of raw food. While six to eight servings of a wide variety of vegetables should be included. Seeds and nuts are critical elements and sources of fatty acids that the adrenal glands need to manufacture cholesterol. Cholesterol is a precursor to all adrenal steroid hormones. The key is to take nuts and seeds that are raw and free of rancid oils. Rancid oils make symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue worse and should be avoided at all cost.

    Take raw nuts should on a liberal basis and soak them overnight in water. Nuts such as cashews, almonds, Brazils, pecans, walnuts, and chestnuts are excellent. Avoid peanuts. Use olive oil for light cooking. The cooking heat should be low to moderate. Use coconut oil for any high heat or deep-frying. Vegetables high in sodium include kelp, black olives, red hot peppers, spinach, zucchini, celery, and Swiss chard. Only take fruits should only in moderation.