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It came up with all the anagrams that would fit a given set of words: this often ran to thousands or hundreds of thousands of anagrams, often pretty unintelligible. Sorting through all the possibilities posed a new challenge. At first I wrote Perl filters that would weed through the long lists. But then I decided I needed a more interactive solution.

I had lots of fun with it, as did others. But the years passed, and Apple eventually let go of HyperCard. What to do? I have re-implemented the stack as a Web page using JavaScript. Alas, web page rendering is not so uniform, and this page does not work too well on some mobile platforms. But perhaps it will come, re-implemented once again, to your favorite cell phone soon! All the. Thepar- H" is snnnS -are BOt yet known; but the tv?

The French enf16'3' La-Cii. I ami your's, B. Richard Rees be appointed Solicitor for the purpost-of giving the necessary Notices previous to an ap- plication to Parliament for leave to bring in a Bill for im- proving the above Navigation.

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That the Notice now read approved of. Carmarthen, Sept, 1, Llaugadock, Llandebye, Llan- arthney, Llanviliangel-Aberbythich, Llandefeysa'nt, Llan- dilo, Llansadwrn, Lianwrda, and Llandingat, in the county of Carmarthen, and also through the parish and township of Loughor, and the parishes of Llandilo-Talybont, Llange- velach, and Llanguke, in the county of Glamorgan.

Who- ever happens to be tije best Bidder, must, at the same time, enter into security, with sufficient sureties, for payment of the Rates quarterly; and whjch Gates produced the last year the sum "iyorder of the Trustees, By order of the Trustees, Milford, 31st Aug.

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Benjamin Williams, of the village of Llangathen, in the connty of Carmarthen, Shopkeeper. James James, of the parish of Kennarth, in the county of Carmarthen, Shopkeeper. William Jones, of the parish of Llanon, in the county of Carmarthen, Fanrur. Witness, B. Witness, Y.

We have to add, that our intelligence was derived, not from a person actuated by kco-political motives, but a mere sojourner. We could wish that those who feel inclined to avail themselves of our columns, would recollect that we are not the habit of receiving unimportant articles, unless post-paid. As it is we cannot attend to his request. They contain no further Bulletins from the French head-quarters, nor are their contents as important as we had a right to expect, considering the cri- tical situation of affairs in the North and in the Peninsula.

The Russians, in their flight, carried with them all the horses and provisions they could, lay hold of. The inhabitants were disarmed according to superior orders; but these brave Poles, nevertheless, obtained horses and arms, and rose en masse to fight for their liberty and inde- pendence. His Majesty the Emperor, by the present posi- tion of the different corps of his armies, is master of the grand road to St.

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Petersburg , uy the way of Swioiensfco, or to obtain possession of Moscow, as may seem most expedient. There arrive daily, at Konigsberg, a number of Russian prisoners of war. The desertion in the enemy's army is equally great, which is a rare circumstance previous to the present moment. The Saxons saw defiled before them the corps of the army of Prince Schwarzenberg, which are approaching the Imperial head-quarters.

The army of reserve of the Duke of Bell una, is now approaching the higher Vistula. The Austrians can never again enter Belgrade. The armaments in Zealand are continued with the greatest activity, and the magazines are I forming with the utmost expedition. The Foreign Ministers who have quitted St. Petersburgh, arrived the 21st July at Cronstadt, in order to embark.

They state that the action between the Spa- niards and the French under Suchet, at Valencia, on the 2Zd of July, had been much commented upon at Cadiz; and Gen. O'Doanel had expressed his great disappointment in not receiving the co-operation of the British from Mahon, agreeably to the preconcerted plan of the Generals.

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The firing from before Cadiz was not so vigorous in its execution as formerly, and no mischief whatever had of late been ex- perienced by its effects. The following account of the reception of Mr. Liston is taken from a German paper of the ITth August. Liston arrived here, as the accredited Minister from Eng- land to the Porte. He immediately gave information of his arrival to the Kaima- kam, and the following morning received a visit from the "Interpreter of the Porte, who welcomed his arrival in the Kaimakam. Canning, the Ex-English Ambassador, will soon proceed to the Dardenelles, to embark in the Argus frigate for England, the same in which Mr.

Liston arrived. It is supposed he will only have a private audience with the Kaimakam and the other Ministers, when he will present them his credentials. Helena has been noticed, are expected to arrive daily, having been met with at sea on the 16th ult. A few weeks ago, the daily journals announced the ap- proaching co-operation of Sweden with Russia. Now, we find, that no such measure is in contemplation.

If, however, one half of the epithets and titles so lavishingly bestowed on the good people of Sweden, are applicable, we may ven- ture to affirm, that they can never espOllse the cause of France. Time alone can develop this piysterious busing.

Death's Seduction

The patriotic enthusiasm, however, which is said to pervade the Russian dominions, appears to be the best guarantee of ultimate success. The affairs of Spain, as might naturally be expected, em to have been, for some weeks past, almost at a stand. Indeed, after such a sanguinary conflict as that at Sala- manca, any great exertion, on either side, could hardly take place in so short a space of time.

We, as. This, however, isptltriotism, and may it daily in- crease and Sourish amongst us. Tins is the best guarantee. It is the bulwark of the British Costitution, and a tower of strength against our enemies. Although her pre- dictions respecting the capture of our West India fleet are happily for us, falsified, yet it appears that her numerous flotilla of privateers prey upon oar trade to an alarming degree so much so, indeed, as to call for some additional exertion on our part, as well as to shew that our pacific overtures were delayed too long.

Nothing, certainly, could be more mutually beneficial to the two countries than the I renewal of their former amicable relations; nothing more grateful to the feelings of the philanthropist and the patriot. Wilkins, Mr. Gwynne, Mr. Harrifi; Mf. Lloyd, Miss Russel, Rev. Nash, Rev. Phelps, Mrs.

James Taylor, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Griffiths, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Bally, Mr. Bally, Rev. Ingram, Mr. Russell Oldnall, Dr. Mashee, Mrs. Fork, Mr.

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Burburry, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lamb, Mr. Whittle, Mr. Champion, Mr. Arrived at Aberyshdlh,—Mrs.

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Rivars and Lady, Mrs. Finch, Mrs. Padock, Mr. Jobson, Mrs. Groves, Mr.