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True liberty does violence to self and, like Christ, who disregarded that he was sovereign becomes a slave to serve others. Romero, The Violence of Love. Atheism is a challenge to religion to purifiy its images and concepts and come nearer to the truth of divine mystery. The United States had become a place where entertainers and professional athletes were mistaken for people of importance. They were idolized and treated as leaders; their opinions were sought on everything and they took themselves just as seriously — after all, if an athlete is paid a million or more a year, he knows he is important … so his opinions of foreign affairs and domestic policies must be important, too, even though he proves himself to be both ignorant and subliterate every time he opens his mouth.

Most of his fans were just as ignorant and unlettered; the disease was spreading. Heinlein, To Sail Beyond the Sunset. They're never who you think they are. And when you finally meet them, there's something that makes you want to choke the shit out of them.

Love her, adore her, crown her as your queen. Then you watch and wait, for a slip, a split second when her guard is down. You would tear her into pieces just to claim a fragment of her story. No one can be perfect all the time. Why do you expect her to be any different?

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Why is she held to an impossible standard? Why do you take it so personally when she contradicts the version of herself that exists only in your head? You think you know her, that she owes you somehow. That her existence is only relative to yours. But she is her own person. She lives and breathes, she hopes and dreams.

Tuca & Bertie

She has a life, a love, a family, a purpose. Idols should not be touched: the gilding comes off on the hands. The reason? All of these things come before Him, and an idol. Once the tension in the mass has become too great, then the most accidental stimulus suffices to summon into the world the "genius," the "deed," the great destiny. What does the environment matter then, or the age, or the "spirit of the age," or "public opinion"! Take the case of Napoleon.

Revolutionary France, and even more, prerevolutionary France, would have brought forth the opposite type; in fact, it did. Because Napoleon was different, the heir of a stronger, older, more ancient civilization than the one which was then perishing in France, he became the master there, he was the only master. Great men are necessary, the age in which they appear is accidental; that they almost always become masters over their age is only because they are stronger, because they are older, because for a longer time much was gathered for them.

The relationship between a genius and his age is like that between strong and weak, or between old and young: the age is relatively always much younger, thinner, more immature, less assured, more childish. We physiologists know that. Yet all priests and moralists have believed the opposite — they wanted to take mankind back, to screw it back, to a former measure of virtue.

Morality was always a bed of Procrustes. Even the politicians have aped the preachers of virtue at this point: today too there are still parties whose dream it is that all things might walk backwards like crabs. But no one is free to be a crab. Nothing avails: one must go forward — step by step further into decadence that is my definition of modern "progress".

Voices of the Dead: The Strange Origins of Eye Idols

One can check this development and thus dam up degeneration, gather it and make it more vehement and sudden: one can do no more. I am a complete skeptic about Plato, and I have never been able to join in the customary scholarly admiration for Plato the artist. The subtlest judges of taste among the ancients themselves are here on my side. Plato, it seems to me, throws all stylistic forms together and is thus a first-rate decadent in style: his responsibility is thus comparable to that of the Cynics, who invented the satura Menippea.

To be attracted to the Platonic dialogue, this horribly self-satisfied and childish kind of dialectic, one must never have read good French writers — Fontenelle, for example. Plato is boring. In the end, my mistrust of Plato goes deep: he represents such an aberration from all the basic Greek instincts, is so moralistic, so pseudo-Christian he already takes the concept of "the good" as the highest concept that I would prefer the harsh phrase "higher swindle" or, if it sounds better, "idealism" for the whole phenomenon of Plato.

Parallelism: The Story of Abraham and the Idols

We have paid dearly for the fact that this Athenian got his schooling from the Egyptians or from the Jews in Egypt? In that great calamity called Christianity, Plato represents that ambiguity and fascination, called an "ideal," which made it possible for the nobler spirits of antiquity to misunderstand themselves and to set foot on the bridge leading to the Cross. And how much Plato there still is in the concept "church," in the construction, system, and practice of the church! My recreation, my preference, my cure from all Platonism has always been Thucydides.

Thucydides and, perhaps, Machiavelli's Il Principe are most closely related to me by the unconditional will not to delude oneself, but to see reason in reality — not in "reason," still less in "morality.

Viktor Frankl: Logotherapy and Man's Search for Meaning

One must follow him line by line and read no less clearly between the lines: there are few thinkers who say so much between the lines. With him the culture of the Sophists, by which I mean the culture of the realists, reaches its perfect expression — this inestimable movement amid the moralistic and idealistic swindle set loose on all sides by the Socratic schools. Greek philosophy: the decadence of the Greek instinct. Thucydides: the great sum, the last revelation of that strong, severe, hard factuality which was instinctive with the older Greeks. In the end, it is courage in the face of reality that distinguishes a man like Thucydides from a man like Plato: Plato is a coward before reality, consequently he flees into the ideal; Thucydides has control of himself, consequently he also maintains control of things.

Rousseau, this first modern man, idealist and rabble in one person — one who needed moral "dignity" to be able to stand his own sight, sick with unbridled vanity and unbridled self-contempt. Hicks later scored a successful Las Vegas residency the first Idol alum to do so! Following a high-profile split from boyfriend of three years Jason Derulo in , she made her musical comeback that same year with a mixtape, ByeFelicia and later dropped a third studio album, Right Here Right Now , in August Southern rocker David Cook never intended to audition for Idol.

He only went to the Omaha call to support his brother. Cook, who married his longtime girlfriend Rachael Stump in , self-released a new six-song EP, Chromance , in February. On January 1, , a head-on collision left his wrist shattered, requiring three surgeries over the following years — and forcing him to re-learn how to play the guitar.

A Different Night: Rav's Pesach Story

On a happier note, he and his high-school sweetheart Katy, whom he married in , welcomed a son later that year and then a daughter in The Arkansas native has continued to quietly release new music, both by himself and with a band called The Dames. DeWyze, who married actress Jonna Walsh in , seemed to find his calling, securing additional placements in several other series, including Nashville , Elementary and Suits. His platinum-selling debut Clear as Day also hit No.

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Since then, he has sold nearly 2. But he found a way to bounce back this year, finally notching his first No. His fresh start musically came via the January release of Collateral , his first studio album since Unlike her predecessors, she waited almost a year after her Idol win to drop her debut studio album Music Speaks , which peaked at No. Glover split with her label and largely began avoiding the spotlight, although she does occasionally release new tracks via Soundcloud.

Like Glover, Caleb Johnson auditioned multiple times before winning Idol in Testify , the track record he released just two months after wrapping up Idol , sold just 28, copies. After splitting from Interscope Records the following year, he turned to crowd-funding website PledgeMusic in to finance a follow-up project.

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  8. In the spirit of staying independent, Johnson has also performed new songs for fans live on his official Facebook page. Here's what the William McKinley High classmates have been up to since the show ended in America's popular TV talent competition launched some of its most popular contestants into superstardom while other Idol alums veered off the charts and into the world of politics, religion and onto the Great White Way. Check out what the cast has been up to since their dancing baby days. The first episode of "The Office" aired on March 24, To celebrate the 10th anniversary, here's a look at our favorite Dunder Mifflin employees and the actors who played them.

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