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Huawei Honor 5X Screen Battery Charge Port Replacement - Reassembly Teardown

Starting at 7am on day one, it would easily last until lunch on the second day, dying at about 2pm, meaning it would make it through even the heaviest of days and nights out without battery anxiety. Call quality, even with the tiny speaker right on the top of the phone, was excellent. The View20 was also able to get a usable 4G data connection in more places than rivals, similar to the Mate 20 Pro.

Honor 9N Review

As such it is a bit like Marmite. Some are going to love it, others will hate it and wish it ran a more Google-like version of Android. There is an option to enable the more traditional Android app drawer, but it comes with an old-school button rather than the more modern swiping gesture to open it. You also get the option of the traditional three-button navigation keys, a joystick-like navigation dock and gesture navigation, which is good but lacks a way to quickly jump to a previously used app.

Honor promises to deliver two Android major version updates and small updates as and when required for the View The big fingerprint scanner on the back is well placed, accurate and very fast indeed โ€” easily one of the best on the market. The View20 also has camera-based 2D face unlock, which is also very fast in all but poor lighting conditions, but is potentially less secure, particularly compared with more sophisticated 3D face recognition as found on the Mate 20 Pro or latest iPhones. The View20 has one of the best cameras available at any price point.

The new megapixel camera โ€” one of the first on the market โ€” is paired with a secondary sensor, which is used to capture depth information for portrait mode and other bits. That helps remove artefacts and boosts low-light performance. Even the zoom, which is 2x lossless then up to 10x digital zoom, matches some of the best from Apple and Huawei. It only really works well in medium to good lighting conditions outside and it takes several second of holding the phone steady, but the images it produces are fantastic.

They capture a level of detail only achieved through zooming, but across a full wide-angle image. Great fun. The camera app is good too, and there are plenty of modes to have fun with, including a Pro mode for shooting in RAW, frames-per-second slow motion video and a reasonable portrait mode, which can only be used when the camera can detect a face.

I still wish there was a quick toggle for HDR mode, rather than having to tap through a menu to activate it. The megapixel selfie camera, which pokes through the hole in the screen, is really good too. Sometimes the three navigation buttons were shunted slightly off to the left of the centre when held in portrait orientation.

Honor 9N cameras

Honor has included a very useful button on the navigation bar to rotate the screen when you have auto-rotation disabled as I have all the time. The View20 is one of the first three Android phones to support Fornite at 60fps. Honor has expanded its business significantly in recent years. From the start, it's been all about budget-friendly hardware. The Honor View 10 is a perfect example. There's an all-metal body with modern touches and a custom chip that's blazing-fast. Putting the Honor View 10 into a specific segment is difficult, which is a good thing for consumers.

That shows Honor successfully blurs the lines between high-end and mid-range. The name might not sound familiar, but you've probably heard of Honor's parent company. Huawei, the massive Chinese conglomerate involved in various industries worldwide, has a sub-brand focused on affordability.

Huawei Honor 9 - Wikipedia

Now the sub-brand is as important as ever since Huawei's been under fire in the U. Since that's a story for another day, this review will stick to Honor and its latest flagship. Following a quiet period where no new products targeted the mid-range or low-end segments, the Honor View 10 arrives as an alternative to the establishment. In a way, you can look at it as a successor to the Honor 8 from Phones like this aren't too free from competition any longer. The field is crowded, but the Honor View 10 might be good enough to stand out and be the best value. The last global flagship released by Honor, the Honor 8, was more elegant.

Top-end class performance

It had a stunning glass back that shifted its appearance depending on where light hit. Fast forward two years, the Honor View 10 ditches glass for metal.

Top-end class performance

Moving away from glass isn't bad because metal is attractive as well. It's also more durable. The Honor View 10 definitely has a strong vibe, one that makes you feel okay if the phone takes a drop to the floor.

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In terms of size, the Honor View 10 is average. Honor was able to include a spacious 5. So it fills much of the phone's front while keeping the overall footprint compact. There's a thin top bezel for the earpiece, front-facing camera, and ambient light sensor. And, if you like your fingerprint scanners up front, you're in luck. The fingerprint scanner on the Honor View 10 was squeezed into the thin bottom bezel. With many embracing edge-to-edge displays, this is a pretty solid solution for a less expensive mobile device.

Honor put the power button and volume rocker on the right side, and the slot for SIM and microSD cards is on the left side. Nothing there is unusual. But around the back, you do have a dual-camera setup with lenses that aren't in the same module. Both are also raised from the back of the Honor View If you're using the phone without a case, be careful sliding it around on any rough surfaces.

Perhaps you'll appreciate the inclusion of a headphone jack more than anything else on the Honor View It's there, and it's on the bottom next to the USB-C port and speakers. Honor heard the world's complaints about companies pushing people to Bluetooth and responded appropriately. The Honor View 10 is also very thin and light. Honor may not have the most beautiful phone on the market, but I'd say this phone is fairly nice to look at and hold.

Plus, you get to choose between two colors. Black is pretty plain, but the dark shade of blue seems special enough. Making a phone that's inexpensive but still capable requires some corners to be cut. Honor didn't do so with the display, fortunately. LCD technology is typically colder, and the specific panel used here isn't too impressive at bucking that trend. Huawei's prowess as a supplier comes in handy for the Honor View 10 and its performance.

The phone features a Kirin processor made by HiSilicon. It just so happens the chipmaker is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huawei. So the processor is made by Huawei and used by Honor, keeping everything in-house to reduce costs. The Kirin runs like a champ on this phone. There's been an endless debate over the need for so much memory, but phones like the Honor View 10 prove that more doesn't hurt. You won't complain about the speed of this phone. If you're considering the Honor View 10 as an entertainment-first device, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The display is big, bright, and sharp.