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It changed with the effects of weather and use. Toggle navigation History Timeline. Pre - - - - - - - - - - Present. The Oregon Trail. There were many reasons for the westward movement to Oregon and California. Economic problems upset farmers and businessmen. Free land in Oregon and the possibility of finding gold in California lured them westward. At the same time, eastern churches wanted to teach American Indians of the Oregon Country their European ideas of "civilization. But it was not until that the first group with serious plans to emigrate to the Oregon area left the banks of the Missouri River and headed west.

In nearly 1, completed the trip with many more to follow. Mormon pioneers began their trek to Utah in to escape religious persecution. Two years later gold was discovered in California, and thousands of "Forty-Niners" rushed across the continent.


The Oregon Trail created one of the largest mass migrations in human history. Map of the Oregon Trail Oregon Trail. Fourth Edition Pioneer families carried all of their possessions in wagons that were only about ten feet long and four feet wide. Questions For reading comprehension and discussion:. Note: For further discussion, students can work individually or in small groups to explore the moderated reader comments below this story.

TimesCast Politics: Activists speak out in Arizona. An interview with a conservative voice. Can legislation actually pass the House? Activity: Understanding Immigration Changes In this activity, students will divide into groups to research and present various aspects of the immigration bills currently being discussed in the Senate and House of Representatives. Part I: Researching the Issues Assign one group to research each of the following questions. Will an immigration overhaul only succeed if it tackles all problems or issues at once? Is an immigration overhaul more likely to succeed if it focuses on one or two simple issues?

Should an immigration overhaul solve the question of border security and safety before tackling other issues? Or is the border safe enough for Congress to move forward on other immigration changes? Should American-born workers come first, with any immigration bill being designed to protect the jobs and interests of American workers?

Or should an immigration overhaul focus on helping the United States economy by targeting skilled workers that the country needs to become more productive? Is it fair to offer a path to citizenship for people who entered the country illegally? And can America offer a path for those who deserve it without spending too much money or encouraging thousands of other people to try entering illegally? Part II: Choosing Preferences Once students have researched their questions, each group should write a list of recommendations or proposals for inclusion in a new immigration bill.

Their recommendations may be general or very specific, but each proposal must be backed up by facts from their research. They should also be prepared with facts to respond to any potential criticisms or competing proposals. We suggest two possible ways to create a class immigration bill:. Students will share their list of recommendations or proposals they came up with in their research groups, and as a committee they will try to hammer out a new bill.

Then, the different committees can present their individual bills to the class.

If you want, students can then try to reach a consensus on one final bill. See the next option for additional ideas on how to conduct a whole class vote and discussion. Whole Class Congress: Ask each research group to present their recommendations to the class, recording them briefly on the board as you go. After each group has presented, hold a simple majority vote on each specific recommendation, putting a star next to items that have been approved by the class. After the first round of voting, teachers may elect to hold a round of student questions and rebuttals.

Any item may be revoted for inclusion if a simple majority agrees to do so. Students may also wish to introduce amendments or write an entirely different immigration bill. At the conclusion of the activity, all bills will be subject to a vote; those gaining a simple majority will be adopted. How to look for records of Emigration and emigrants How can I view the records covered in this guide? View online How many are online? None Some All.

Order copies We can either copy our records onto paper or deliver them to you digitally. Visit us in Kew Visit us in Kew to see original documents or view online records for free. Pay for research Consider paying for research. Contents 1.

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Why use this guide? What we hold 3. Records of emigrants in their destination countries 4. Online records 5. Passenger lists 6. Emigration to North America 7.

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Emigration to Australia 8. Emigration to New Zealand 9. Pauper emigration Child emigration Other possible sources for records of emigration to the colonies Further reading. Records of emigrants in their destination countries Of course, emigrants from the UK become immigrants in the countries they travel to. Emigration to North America This section covers records and record series specific to emigration to North America. Click on the catalogue reference and browse the series by reference and date: Date range Description of records Catalogue reference Emigration original correspondence.

Includes letters from settlers or prospective settlers. CO Emigration Entry books.

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Drama lesson plan on theme of Emigration/Ireland – 3rd-6th class –

CO Land and Emigration Commission papers. Includes registers of births and deaths of emigrants at sea from to and lists of ships chartered from to CO Original correspondence and entry books. Contain details of land grants and applications. CO 6 General registers.

CO British North America emigration registers of correspondence. CO British North America general registers of correspondence including emigration.

CO British North America registers of out-letters. CO Emigration to Australia See our guide on Criminal transportation for information about the records available on convicts transported to Australia. Date range Description of records Catalogue reference New South Wales original correspondence, entry books and registers.

The Oregon Trail

Contains a series of censuses of convicts which include the names of members of their families. Contains papers on measures for relief of poor pensioners and the encouragement of emigration WO 43 Dominions Office correspondence. Other possible sources for records of emigration to the colonies The work of the larger departments of central government inevitably involved issues of emigration from time to time. Alternatively, try browsing or searching by year in the following series: Use the following calendars, available at our library in Kew, to locate Treasury documents for original records in T 27, T 29, T 52, T 53, T 54, T 60 and T 99 : Calendar of Treasury books , multiple volumes London, Calendar of Treasury books and papers , multiple volumes London, To find documents use the calendars in the Acts of the Privy Council of England, Colonial series, London, , together with all the register entries from Plantation books, , include letters to colonial governors and other officials and warrants for the appointment of colonial councillors.

Contact us for advice. Still need help? Live chat For quick pointers Tuesday to Saturday to Email For more detailed research enquiries. Related research guides. Criminal transportation. Immigration and immigrants. Search our catalogue. Sign me up to the mailing list Subscribe now for regular news, updates and priority booking for events. Sign up About our privacy policy. Standard opening times Monday. Follow us.

The Emigrants Summary

Featured Flickr image Patented textile pattern by Christopher Dresser. Land and Emigration Commission papers. CO CO New South Wales original correspondence, entry books and registers. These series all contain lists of names of emigrants, settlers and convicts.